Post Recycling

Viraltag is always looking for ways to automate your social media efforts and save considerable time. With our new ‘Post Recycling’ capability you’ll save time and increase traffic which leads to an effective social media strategy.

We understand you are busy and there are times when you may run out of new content to add to your posting queue. Viraltag’s Post Recycling feature will help you in these situations by automatically posting  your best performing posts from your content library. 

Take a look at this step by step tutorial or the Video walkthrough to get a better understanding of this feature -

1. Schedule a post as you normally would. You can upload one from your computer, the internet, or from your Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive or Instagram accounts. 


2. In your scheduling screen, you’ll see an option at the bottom to mark this post as Evergreen. Click on this option if you would like to add the post as Evergreen content. You can finish scheduling by clicking on the Schedule or Add to Queue option.

3. You can use this feature when uploading Multiple images as well. While scheduling posts in our Bulk Editor, just click on the circle next to Evergreen and then either Schedule it or Add it to the queue.

4. You can also look back to some of your previously posted high performing content and mark them as Evergreen. To do this, Go to the “Recent Posts” section. At the bottom right hand side of every post, you’ll see the Evergreen option. Click on this and your post will be added to Evergreen content.

5. You can view all posts you have marked as ‘Evergreen’ under the ‘Evergreen Content’ tab in your homepage and you can choose to remove any post by clicking the ‘Remove’ button on the bottom left of the post.


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